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Still Point Gallery  Cleveland, Ohio (Little Italy)

 Still Point Gallery  Encaustic Paintings and Mono Prints; Artist, Sue Kirchner 



In 2012, we changed the name from the Mezzanine to the Still Point Gallery. The idea for the new name evolved largely out of Geoff’s exhibit, “Northern Ohio Still”, at the Butler Institute of American Art.  The theme of his exhibit derived from a line in Burnt Norton, the first of T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets.   “At the still point of the turning world, … at the still point, there the dance is”.   

In describing his own work, and borrowing from Eliot’s poem, Geoff observed, “It is stillness in the context of motion – stillness as continuity, as a point of reference – that I hope to communicate through my photography.  This is the stillness that centers life, that allows us to order our relationships to a turbulent world.”

Kate and Geoff Baker, started Still Point Gallery over nine years ago to consolidate Geoff's landscape photography (i.e. Baker Fine Art Photography) into a gallery business and to provide a venue to exhibit and sell well curated art from diverse fields (i.e. paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, glass, jewelry art, textiles, wood, etc.). 

Both are long-time residents of Northeast Ohio.  Kate's experience in interior decorating, merchandizing and retail management has provided the ideal background for managing and curating both the art gallery and the four to six exhibits held each year.  She manages all day to day gallery operations, maintaining strong working relationships with the artists represented.  She also provides consulting for individuals and businesses with a focus on repurposing existing art and furniture to transform homes and commercial space.    

Geoff divides much of his time between photographing northeast Ohio's landscapes and those of northwestern Michigan.  Over the last nine years he has been invited to hold eight one-man exhibits, among them, the Butler Institute of American Art, the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the Gallery at Trinity Cathedral and the Holden Arboretum. His works have been purchased and hang in the private and permanent collections of institutions (i.e. Emory University, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University, major corporations, law firms and national hotels as well as in the homes and offices of national art critics and collectors. Geoff continues to expand his commission work, recording and archiving landscapes (i.e. estates, farms, homesteads) for individuals, businesses and municipalities. He is presently involved in creating fine art photographs documenting the transformation of Cleveland's Public Square.  


Our vision for growth has been to expand our gallery space and to create an online store to increase the range of artists and their work.  As sales of Geoff's fine art photography have grown around the country, we've been encouraged by others to sell his work online. This online store, then, allows us to extend our geographic reach as well as our offerings. Over the course of this year we will offer more original works online - paintings, prints, ceramics, fine art jewelry, glass, sculpture, elegant wood pieces and textile art. Finally, we will begin a long awaited blog in the second quarter of 2015 to spotlight new artists, provide topical and historical information about artists and trends.  We look forward to your comments, questions and suggestions through the blog.  

Our mission is to provide a wide selection of original fine art and unique collectibles - a commitment that remains unchanged since our opening over six years ago.  We continue to experience strong demand for high quality, original works that appeal to a wide range of buyers and collectors.  Thanks to the support from scores of Clevelander's as well as visitors from across the country, we've managed to double our sales each year.   

Access (Artists and Institutions):
Apart from our love for the region and personal and professional ties, we recognize that Cleveland is emerging as one of the country's major art centers.  The Cleveland Museum of Art (ranked as one of this country's preeminent museums), the Cleveland Institute of Art across the street, and MOCA one block down, attract visitors and students from around the world.  And, within fifty miles, the Butler Institute of American Art (the world's first American Art museum) and the Akron Art Museum sustain help institutional interest and attract capital to the region to support our artist community.  

The city's future is, in a significant way, occasioned by and reflected in its arts community.  We selected a gallery site at the geographic center of the arts community, in the Little Italy neighborhood, only a few blocks from the museums and cultural institutions than ring University Circle.  World class hospitals (i.e. University Hospital, Cleveland Clinic) the literally surround us, provide an excellent customer base through the staff and the many patients and families who come to Cleveland from throughout the world for healthcare.  

Value (Price/Quality)
One of our best metrics comes from out-of-town artists and collectors, surprised by Cleveland's quality, wide selection and low prices.  One New York dealer who visits several times a year asserts that Cleveland currently has the best values in the country.   

Archival Pigment Ink Prints
Archival Pigment Ink Editions are printed exclusively by Geoff Baker using an Epson Stylus Pro 9800 or 4880 Printer.  Only Ultrachrome K3 pigment based inks, and 100% cotton rag, fine art papers (i.e. BC, Hahnemuhle, Ilford, Harmon) are used for the limited edition series. Limited editions are printed typically on heavy gauge matte watercolor papers ranging from 280-330 gsm (paper weight and density are typically measured in grams/square meter).  In a few instances (see individual images in online store) much larger prints (i.e. up to 72") are produced in non-limited editions on heavy (450 gsm) archival cotton canvas .  

All work is completed exclusively by the artist.  Depending on paper and ink combinations, the limited editions are projected to remain archival for 200 years or more (Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute, 2015).  This compares with silver gelatin prints that often begin to fade in 15-20 years.  

Limited Editions
With the exception of canvas substrates, all limited editions prints are currently produced with archival inks and papers (see above) in quantities of 10, 15, 20 or 50. Several older images (2010 and earlier) were released in quantities of 50, however, future releases will be limited to 20.  All images in the online store (see menu heading: "Photographs") identify the size of the edition and in some cases designate it as a "Collectors" edition (only 10 or 15 printed).  Once an edition is sold out it will no longer be produced.

Collector's Editions
Last year we introduced the "Collector's Edition Series" - extremely limited offerings (10-15 prints) for select images that we expect to appreciate in value . Because of the very limited number of prints, the extensive post processing and the special care in individual printing, these images sell at a premium.  All prints, however, regardless of the limited edition size, are produced using the highest quality archival pigment inks and papers available.  And, each is produced exclusively by the artist from original capture through post processing to final printing.  

Future Products
As 2015 progresses, we will create separate collections for new pieces of original art including a carefully selected range of jewelry, visual art (paintings, prints), glass, wood, ceramics, sculpture and fine textiles.  Each is part of the curation process and all works online will also be available in the gallery.   


Very best to all,



Kate and Geoff Baker


                   Kate,  Still Point Gallery                                            Geoff,   The Butler Institute of American Art